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Establishing proper dental care from a young age sets children up for excellent oral health long-term. As parents, introducing good habits early with guidance from your family dentist ensures healthy patterns. 

The first dental visit allows the dentist to provide valuable at-home routine advice. They will recommend starting brushing around one year old and demonstrate age-appropriate techniques suited to your child’s stage. Regular checkups enable monitoring progress and early problem detection. 

What to Expect at the First Checkup 

Most dental experts recommend booking your child’s first dental appointment between 12-24 months of age. This allows sufficient time in their earliest years to begin building familiarity and trust with the dentist. Exams at this stage are purposefully brief, involving a thorough visual check for any emerging teeth and a close inspection of the gums to identify potential problems or areas of concern. 

If any teeth have surfaced by this point, cleanings are also performed to sweep away plaque or mild tartar buildup on the surfaces. Bringing a favourite cuddly toy, board book, or other soothing item your child finds comforting offers a welcomed distraction during the visit. This initial consultation, moreover, gives parents an opportunity to have any queries addressed to alleviate anxieties or uncertaintie s. 

Laying the Foundation for Proper Brushing 

Oral care should be introduced early on by gently massaging the gums and providing gentle stimulation with a soft infant toothbrush. Focus on making brushing time an exciting, upbeat daily routine filled with smiles, praise and affection. This cultivates positive associations with healthy habits. 

Between ages two to three, have your little one hold their own small brush while slowly guiding hand motions in gentle circular scrubbing. Your dentist will demonstrate age-appropriate techniques suited for each stage of development. For example, from 18 months to 2 years, they may suggest letting children “help” brush a stuffed toy first using a timer before including their own teeth. Turning brushing into a bonding activity with games and songs encourages prompt habit formation.

Supporting Optimal Growth and Development 

What your child eats impacts oral health equally as cleaning. Throughout the first year, breastmilk or formula perfectly nourishes a baby. When introducing solids, focus on nutrient-dense whole items like soft fruits and vegetables instead of frequently consuming sweets, which may cause decay. Avoid fruit juices, only water and milk in bottles, and it is best to brush your teeth after drinking milk and not allow the baby to go to bed with a bottle. This prevents night-time cavities from extended milk-liquid contact. Appropriate sustenance provides the foundation for lifelong strong oral health. 

To Summarize 

Establishing proper oral care habits from an early age is critical for lifelong healthy teeth and gums. Consult our family dentist at Brooklin Dental Centre for guidance on introducing brushing, nutrition and that important first checkup. 

Rely on their experience to ease any nerves about your child’s first checkup. Valuable one-on-one guidance helps establish routines perfectly suited for your child’s age. 

Give Your Child the Gift of a Lifetime of Smiles 

We hope you enjoyed learning how to set your little one up for success with oral health from our blog. Here at Brooklin Dental Centre, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care and ensuring every child feels comfortable and calm during their visit. 

Our knowledgeable dentists provide invaluable guidance on establishing proper brushing techniques and nutrition and making your child’s introductory visit relaxing. Regular checkups allow monitoring progress to catch any issues early. We treat families and children of all ages and believe good oral hygiene starts early! 

Contact us today to book your family’s first preventative appointment. Rely on our expertise to launch your child’s oral wellness journey right.